DGIST BioDr. Lab에서는 큰 열정과 꿈을 가진 석/박사과정 인재와 Post Doc. 인재를 모집합니다.
전자, 기계, 생물, 신소재, 화공, 의공학 등 다양한 전공자들이 모여 연구하고 있기 때문에 여러 전공자들을 환영합니다.

DGIST BioDr. Lab, we are opening to applicants with vigorous passion for M.S./Ph.D. programs as well as Postdoctoral position.
Our lab pursues interdisciplinary researches combined with biology, medicine, chemical, electrical, mechanical and biomedical engineering, so that we welcome potential researchers in all majors.
• Sep. 15. 2017: Congraturation! BiodDr. Lab is selected in 5차 바이오•의료기술개발사업
  5th Bio•Medical Technology Grant of National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF)
• Sep. 11. 2017: Congraturation! Woon Hea Kim becaome a member of BioDr. lab. Hope to make valuable achievements.
• Sep. 06. 2017: Congraturation! Prof. Kim won the BEST RESAERCH AWARD of DGIST 2017 LINK
• Sep. 06. 2017: Congraturation! Sang Hyun Song won the BEST UNDERGRADUATE STUDENT AWARD of DGIST 2017 LINK
• Sep. 01. 2017: Hyo-Jung Kang becoma a member of BioDr. lab. Hope to achieve valuable works.
• Apr. 04. 2017: Congratulations! BioDr. Lab was selected as a grant of Samsung Research Funding Center for Future Technology
  (삼성미래육성센터 ICT 창의부문).
• Jan. 17. 2017: Hompage of BioDr.Lab is now opened.